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Avançado 8. NOUN + NOUN (part 1 of 2)


We often use two nouns together (noun + noun) to mean one thing/person/idea, etc. For example: a tennis ball, a bank manager, a road accident, income tax, the city center.
The first noun is like an adjective – it tells us what kind of thing/person/idea, etc. For example:
A tennis ball = a ball used to play tennis.
A road accident = an accident that happens on the road.
Income tax = tax that you pay on your income.
The sea temperature = the temperature of the sea.
A London doctor = a doctor from London.
So you can say:
A television camera, a television program, a television studio, a television producer (all different things or people to do with television).
Language problems, marriage problems, health problems, work problems (all different kind of problems).
Garden vegetables (vegetables that are grown in a garden).
A vegetable garden (a garden where vegetables are grown).
Often the first word end s in -ing. Usually there are things used for doing something. For example:
A washing machine
A frying pan
A swimming pool
The dining room
Sometimes there are more than two nouns together:
I waited at the hotel reception desk (a desk).
We watched the World Swimming Championships on television.
If you want to play table tennis (a game), you need a table tennis table (a table)
To continue, with exercise on part 2.
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