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Phrasal Verbs with take

Take somebody  in = acolher
Her parents took her in when she fought with her husband.
Take something in = assimilar algo
Hopefully you take in much of what we are talking in this lesson.
Take something in = apertar algo  (roupas)
The pair of pants I bought was too loose so I had it taken in at the store.
Take somebody in = enganar, ludibriar
The salesman took me in at the dealership.
Take off = tirar (roupas, calçados), decolar
When the private plane took off the hooker started taking off her clothes.
Buscapé took off this year.
Take up = levar algo, começar a fazer algo
I have to take up swimming classes.
My new project took up the whole day.
Take over = assumir a direção
Wal-mart took over the retail market in US
Take on= aceitar algo, enfrentar algo, contratar
I took on so much work recently that I have to take some new people on.
Take back = retornar algo
I will take this TV back to the store, it isn´t working properly.
Take something away = confiscar algo
His car was taken away by the CET
Take somebody away = levar alguém (hospital, prisão)
Many drug dealers were taken away this week.
Take out= levar para sair
I took Susan out last night
Take something out on somebody = descontar algo em alguém
My boss always takes it out on me
Take place = ocorrer, acontecer
The meeting took place at Hilton Hotel
Take after somebody = puxar alguém
She took after her mother.
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